ThistleFlowers FAQ

guidance to some of the questions commonly asked of us...

ThistleFlowers FAQ

Silk flowers to remember loved ones who have passed on.

About ThistleFlowers USA is the exclusive Scottish online shopping channel which enables you to order direct from Las Vegas, USA a superb range of beautiful multi-use silk-like thistle flowers, heathers, corsages, tartan ribbons and bows.

ThistleFlowers USA FAQ

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Q: Can I order buttonholes from your USA drop ship facility?

A. At this moment, we only supply these direct from Scotland. We hope to be able to supply silk-like buttonholes, corsages and tartan ribbons from our US shipping channel in the near future. Please order these items direct from the ThistleFlowers UK.

Q: Is the paint used with the Gold and Silver thistles safe?

A. Yes, they are, all the paints used on the silk-like thistles are lead-free.

Q: How do you keep the silk-like thistle flowers clean, can you wash them?

A. Since silk thistle flowers are made of a kind of plastic with a wire centre, you can spray the flowers with water to remove dust and dirt. Alternatively running gentle water over them will also clean them. Keep this process short and then lay out the flowers to dry.